Nigerians React As Popular Comedian Maraji says Jesus is the Only Way To Heaven, Not Allah

-The 22-year old Nigerian Comedian, Gloria ‘Maraji’ Oloruntobi, has dropped a bombshell on social media with her post about religion. 

- Maraji stated in a post she shared on her Instastory that the only way to heaven is Jesus and not even Allah. 
- A lot of Nigerian social media users have bashed her for posting such "offensive" views especially during the Muslim holidays as they described her as insensitive. 
- Some of her fans however praised her message as they believe she only expressed what is being taught in every religious institution. 

The message she shared read thus:
This has infuriated a number of people making them take to their Twitter handles to call her out. A number of people said "Maraji is cancelled". They berated her for making such "islamophobic" statement on a day Muslims were celebrating. Some went on to say that the statements she made just killed her brand.

But some Christians defended her. Others pointed out that what Maraji said is no different from what most Christians are told in church by their pastors.

See some reactions below:

Some Muslims however did not just care...😂

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