Nigeria Beats South Africa To Become Africa's Top Tech Nation - Forbes

According to GSMA, technology in Africa's ecosystems have experienced "incredible growth" as they have rapidly expanded in recent years, with 618 active tech hubs providing "the backbone of Africa’s tech ecosystem."

An active tech hub is defined as "an organisation currently active with a physical local address, offering facilities and support for tech and digital entrepreneurs" in research conducted by Briter Bridges and the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator programme, which identified an "innovation quadrangle" encompassed by Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya. 

Report shows that Nigeria has surpassed South Africa with 5 hubs owing to the fact that it has advanced to 85 hubs in the last year. Lagos is now the top innovative city by number of hubs (40+), while the Western Cape, Gauteng and Durban are the core of South Africa’s tech hubs scene.

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