Billionaire Pays Zimbabwean Doctors Salaries To End Strike

Zimbabwean billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa, has temporarily assumed the role of the country's government in a bid to solve a four-month long doctors' strike which has seen several lives lost.

The county's junior doctors who have been protesting poor pay and deplorable working conditions agreed to end the strike after the telecoms billionaire offered them a handsome pay deal which the government had failed to raise for the last four months.

The UK-based billionaire is set to add each doctor KSh 20, 000 to what they used to earn before the strike commenced.

Reports indicated majority of the doctors on strike were earning less than KSh 10,000 a month.

In the new package offered by Masiyiwa, each medic will now be receiving KSh 30,000 per month.

Masiyiwa will also provide cellphones to the striking medical practitioners and install free wifi to their work stations.

The doctors will also get free transportation to and from work for four days a week. Masiyiwa agreed to fund the doctors for a period of six months though it is not clear what will happen after the period.

The strike has claimed several lives and left many patients helplessly languishing in their homes with a few resorting to private medication.

The senior doctors’ association in Zimbabwe called the entire development as a "silent genocide".


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