OPINION: David Ombugadu,The Hero I Have Never Met

By Yusuf Shehu Usman
I have never been a fan of the PDP as a party but I was touched deeply when I confirmed that Ombugadu rolled out a health insurance Scheme for indegent citizens of Nasarawa State across tribes and religions even as a Member of the House of Representatives before he contested the Governorship election and lost in 2019.
I am even more touched to learn from true and reliable sources through the service providers that he is still funding the scheme long after he left the House and after he lost the Governorship elections.
I have never met Ombugadu any where in my life but I can't resist identifying him as a hero even in defeat.
How many of our politicians will embark on such a worthy cause that truly touches the lives of the common man as he is doing and how many will sustain it after losing the election.
David Ombugadu has won my praise, love and respect as a politician.
I discovered this fact about Ombugadu just last week when I took my now deceased older brother to DASH Lafia and met two female poor patients whom I wanted to assist with some money for their treatment but the Doctor looked at their dockets and told me that they were on Ombugadu's Heath insurance Scheme and would be treated on his account. That is my idea of a true patriot. 

Usman Is A Former Attorney General of Nasarawa State

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