Is Bet9ja An Employment Opportunity?

-Ja'afar Askilu Hamza

There's no doubt that, the old societal norms and values regarding wealth acquisition has been thrown to the winds. The get rich syndrome by all costs and means with its associated problem of living beyond means and extravagance have in no small measures exacerbated most of our youths and even adults into a lot of vices such as Advance Fee Fraud, Cyber Crimes and most notably Online Betting (Bet9ja) and rendering themselves as socioeconomic nuisance in the society.

Surprisingly, during a conversation with a friend on the negative effects of Online Betting (Bet9ja) both from social and religious perspectives, he explicitly vowed to me that Online Betting (Bet9ja) is an employment opportunity to teeming qualified person(s) who are willing and able to work but have not been employed either by the government or private enterprises.

Unless the youth and any other person(s) who have been participating in these vices have shaped their minds, the future of our society is at stake and it seems irredeemable.

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