LG Allocations: State Govt Is Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

By Suleiman A. Kyalaga

Wamba LG is among the 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) created and mandated by law to bring government closer to the people. Unfortunately, recent unhealthy practices by the government of Nasarawa State has left our dear LGAs in shamble, choked in the throat by myriads of problems that make breathing by LGs a Herculean challenge. It is a common knowledge that chunk of #WambaLG allocation is used by the state government to service financial Irresponsibilities of some LGAs.

 This manner of reckless financial arrangement of #RobbingPeterToPayPaul is grossly unconstitutional, and can only be entertained as accepted #NORM in a misguided society like ours where sentiments and emotions are prioritized over logic, hence the silence by all and sundry.

This arrangement of using part of Wamba LG  allocation to offset the financial burden of other LGs must be discontinued. It has deprived us of the needed development. And it amounts to abuse of the right of Autonomy of Wamba LG. Wamba LG is not responsible for their financial mess and must not be made to be responsible for their financial irresponsibility. What the govt. is doing with this practice is denying wamba the ability and the capacity to grow and develop.

The state government must allow Wamba LG to apply its finances to better the lots of the people. LGAs must be made to be inventive and creative and device means of generating revenue to meet their needs.

As an indigene of Wamba Local Government, I call on the state govt. and the state house of assembly, to as matter of constitutional duty, bring an end to this practice. Let every LG spend its allocation, and bring development to its people.

Kyalaga Writes In From Wamba

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