Nigeria Is Under Siege, Says Archbishop Of Kaduna

A leader of the Catholic Church of Saint Augustine in Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, Augustine Avertse, was on January 20th killed.

Avertse died together with his father, Akaa'am Avertse, and two other people in an attack on Abebe by an armed group, suspected to be fulani herdsmen.

Two other victims of the attack, Mr Vitalis Adam and Mr Friday Gboko, were, however, lucky as they escaped with gunshot wounds and are currently receiving treatment at the Obi General Hospital.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Adam says that the attack was not provoked, as there had never been any form of misunderstanding between the members of the community and the Fulani who lived in the area.

Elsewhere according to reports, Lawan Andimi, a local leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria, who was kidnapped in early January by Boko Haram in the Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State has also been killed.

In a statement, President Buhari spoke of the "cruel, inhuman and deliberately provocative" murder, and assured that those responsible "will pay dearly for their actions."

Similarly, on 8 January, four seminarians were kidnapped in the Good Shepherd Major Seminary of Kakau along the Kaduna-Abuja highway.

Reacting, the Archbishop of Kaduna, Mgr Matthew Man-oso Ndagoso, said: "No other Country will tolerate this type of insecurity without calling for mass protests. Definitely our country is under siege.

"This is the third time kidnapping is happening directly in our diocese. I can't sleep at the thought of the conditions that the four students are experiencing."

"People can no longer sleep with two eyes closed, yet our leaders have the courage to say that there is security in the Country. I think people now seem to have given up on the security situation because there is nothing they can do, they just resigned to fate", he added.

The Archbishop said he wondered why security could not be restored in the area because "with the technologically developed security gadgets in the 21st century, there is nowhere in the world, even underwater that criminals cannot be traced or tracked. But security agencies keep on saying that they are on top of the situation."

"Security measures were strengthened in the seminary in order to protect other students. We will continue to pray for the kidnapped seminarians, until they are freed. We keep hoping that God will expose those behind the insecurity in this Country."

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