OPINION: Barr Lagi, Leave Our Amiable Governor Alone

By Lukman Ubam

Lukman Ubam

Recently, Barr Lagi Innocent started casting aspersions on Governor Abdullahi A Sule by saying he appointed mediocre cabinet for constituting committees instead to pursue  some objectives of his administration. There is no law that stopped a serving Commissioner from being part of an ad-hoc committee for a particular purpose.
As I said earlier Barr Lagi who hails from Wamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State should not be the one making unwarranted comment against our Governor. But since he started it we are equal to the task of responding to him.
 In his domain, Governor Sule is working tirelessly to see that Wamba Local Government have a sense of belonging, as he flagged off the construction of Sisin Baki-Farin Ruwa Road.
 Indeed the People's Governor has a special interest more than all his predecessors to revamp Farin Ruwa water falls and many others but because Barr Lagi is too sentimental he can never see the good side of Governor Sule.
 A man living in a glass house should not through stones but since has started throwing stones in his glass house, let him be told that in the history of Nasarawa State there has never been an Attorney General who belittled himself by scaling over the fence of the state House of Assembly to serve a court order on members as if he is a court bailiff. After what happened, the former governor sacked him from his position. I remember when I was in 300 level, Barr Lagi entered our class and was saying that "most of us can never be lawyers. We just can't". But unfortunately for him more than 80% of our classmates are now lawyers and doing excellently well. Shame to Barr Lagi the fence climber.

Ubam, A Legal Practitioner Writes In From Nasarawa

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