OPINION: Innocent Lagi, A National Treasure

By Suleiman A. Kyalaga 
Ignorance is indeed a serious disease. BUT as the Latin maxim opines, "IGNORANTIA JURIS NON-EXCUSAT" and to connect this Maxim to Barman Lukman, his ignorance is of dangerous magnitude and need not to be left unattended.
We should not slip into collective amnesia over the attention-seeking Barman Lukman and his fantastically reckless, weak and underwhelming grammatical bastardization of the queens language, called write up, as it originally appeared in the online medium, Nasarawa mirror.
I found it rather disgusting, to say it mildly, that a person who claimed to be lawyer could resort to such a cheap media campaign and earned himself another qualification, "BARMAN OF LOW", aside his acclaimed Barrister of law.
Ordinarily, one would have looked the other way but for posterity sakes, a rejoinder could serve him the hot meal he madly craved for, since he chose to display his madness in the open with no iota of civility.
Lawyers are known for their discipline and uprightness, this particular Barman Lukman has thrown all caution to the wind in his desperate attempt to malign one of the finest souls of our time. His outburst never betrayed his clumsiness and clannishness. His outburst is a direct reflection of who he is, a man bitter about his personal failure. If there is anyone who faithfully embraced and gladly celebrate mediocrity is Barman Lukman. Though he tried so hard to discredit someone who by virtues of their calling is his senior and age wise his elder. Educationally, Barman Lukman is never a near march.
Barman Lukman, from his reckless and misguided rhetorics can be likened to someone suffering dementia. Too bad he picked on a wrong opponent for a fight. Barrister Innocent Lagi is a national treasure, something Barman Lukman, though i am not claiming God, will never achieve. Whoever convinced Barman Lukman that attacking Barrister Lagi is going to help him have only succeeded in doing him greatest injury. I am not going to exploit, for any purpose, youthful exuberance and rich deposit of inexperience as visibly seen in Barman Lukman. He is simply a frustrated goon. The simple reason that He  share the same political party with the governor should not equipped him with such a low energy to make himself the mouth odour of the party.
Governor Sule is the governor of Nasarawa State and not of APC, Barman lukman should have it engraved in his empty skull. The like of Barman Lukman, is a pity, have turned political loyalty to self slavery. Their choice though, good luck with that. Should  Governor Sule intervene in wamba, and in whatever capacity, He is not doing even a dog a favor, because that was why he was voted. And that was what he was voted to do. He is to serve us. It is binding on him to be responsible to our needs. Whatever the governor is doing or has done to wamba, He does so because he knew that's what he ought to do. While you go about licking their feet, we make them be responsible to our needs and wants.
You can groan and whine and moan for as long as it pleases you, but you can't change the fact that Lagi remains a treasure even Governor Sule would love to have.
Ceteris peribus....it is high time you acquaint yourself with the knowledge of the "LAW" and understand its workings, else you remain a low-yer. 

Kyalaga Writes In From Wamba

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