Prof. Babagana Zulum: The God Sent Messiah

     By Adamu Abubakar

Suffice it to say that for the past ten years or there about the North Eastern Region especially Borno State has been battling with the Boko Haram insurgency which has crippled most of the socioeconomic activities of the area. With this development, most Villages or Settlements were deserted for fear of being attacked by the insurgents.
Be that as it may, previous administrations  in the State((Borno) have in conjunction with the Federal Government taken giant strides towards protecting and  improving the living conditions of the People who were  affected by this calamity.
As the saying goes, Soldier go, Soldier come, in the year 2019 the people of Borno State elected into Office Prof. Zulum as their Executive Governor under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Ironically, as a Prof. from the academia who is not a core Politician, nothing much is anticipated from him by the people that will make a difference when compared with what happened before his coming. Little did one knows that the coming of Prof. Zulum as the Executive Governor of the State serves as a turning point as far as the socioeconomic advancement of the battered State is concerned.
When he came on board, he came with his  surprises strategy that catches People by surprise and unexpectedly. One of his first surprises was the early morning visit to the Musa Usman State Secretariat where he observed and caught late comers to Office. During this visit a lot of top Civil Service functionaries were caught and appropriate disciplinary measures were meted out to them.
Another round of this surprise visits was to some selected Government Hospitals and Clinics within and outside Maiduguri Metropolis. Very unexpectedly at late hours in the night, he visited two Hospitals within the Maiduguri township where he saw many of their Staff that were supposed to be on duty completely absent. The same disciplinary measures were taken against those erring Staff.
Besides, the Prof. has been seen publicly in company of Security Agents moving from one area of crisis to the other. For your information, he visited Gwoza area which is a Well known notorious hideout of the Boko Haram insurgents. The same thing happened when Jakana Village was attacked by the Boko Haram, he despite the security risk involved paid a visit to ascertain the extent of death and destruction of properties.
Better still, Prof. Zulum as part of his working schedule visited many IDP Camps to assess the true situation there. It is now no longer news that the Governor has out of sympathy, pity and dedication to work passed a night in one of the IDP Camps where he distributed some blankets to the Isn't this a commendable effort.
In order to reduce unemployment which is a Monster in our Society, the Governor is making efforts to open a portal whereby as many as possible People will be employed, hence will succeed in reducing the over saturated labour market.
Also the Governor has in the area of Student education sent some indigenes of the State to study various Courses abroad. This is in addition to the scholarship awards given to other students studying in our Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.
In the area of infrastructural development, arrangements are on top gear towards constructing a multi million Naira modern Flyover in the Town. The aim is to ease traffic flows along the Custom area as well as beautifying the Ancient City so as to compete favourably with other developed World.
Still on curbing the menace of insecurity of recent he has donated 70 survalliance Vehicles to the Nigerian Army. Am pretty sure that such donation will go a long way in the war against terrorism.
Today, as a result of his selfless service and the need to protect the People and their businesses,there is a proportionate  boost in the economic activities of Maiduguri Town and some of its environs.
According to him the Peoples' mandate he got is not for him to be staying always in an Air-conditioned Office but instead is for him to work for the People and working for the People will involve moving around solving problems/issues  and seeing things for himself.
Finally, what I succeeded in doing is to enumerate some of the commendable efforts and achievements made so far by Prof. Zulum as the Governor of Borno State. And sorry to say if i sound naive, by my little estimation and forecast and with the way things are going and by the time he completes his 4 year tenure and still re elected  he will change the fortune of the State from that is bastardized by the Boko Haram insurgency to that of prosperity and development.
If not for the insurgency, Borno State having Governor Zulum as their Chief Executive a man  who is ready to work and make sacrifices the State could have surpasses many States in terms of growth and development.
It is in the light of affformentioned that I urge others to emulate Governor Zulum by putting the interest of the State  and its People above any other selfish interest. The era of Arm Chair Governance and attending to Sycophants and Praise Singers in Offices is gone and gone  forever.

Abubakar Writes In From Keffi

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