Sidi Bako, A Nigerian Who Pictured Politics As Service To Humanity

By Abubakar Gana
Born on 5th October, Sidi Bako is a profound politician, a man of high decibel, armed with interdisciplinary knowledge in politics of mobilization, reconciliation and a growing network of political contacts in and across Nasarawa State. Sidi Bako has passion for politics of development with a strong reputation for probity.

He was born in a family influenced with strong value system - a sense of family honor and a family tradition for humanitarian and community services. He is a Nigerian graduate of Higher National Diploma from Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa, his model of leadership bated breath to the decaying resources in Obi Local Government, while he was the Chairman. A plethora of human empowerment and infrastructural development in the local government are stamped to his leadership style. 

He is a staunch member of the party and has made a colossal contributions to the development of the party in the state and Nigeria in general. Throughout his political life, he has consistently supported developments that have direct bearings to the party as well as masses. 

As a legislature, his emotions and thoughts regarding improving standard of living was monumental. Even in the most difficult circumstances that include threat to his political career, Sidi Bako never relented and testimonies abound of his commitments toward societal acclivity. 

Very thoughtful, generous, respectful and respected across all boards of political engagements and affiliations. His humble attitude towards everyone makes his political altitude an enviable one, with the barrage of the middle and lower classes speak of love and honesty of him. An energetic political party person, he is a typified politician that pictured politics as a service and for common good. 

Bako's aspiration to seek PDP state Chairmanship is not of his will, but of the strong and reliable party jingoists that seek to return the party to the center stage it had been. These party men dwelled on his political forthrightness, uprightness and aptitude of his political history to spearhead the party (PDP) that will CHANGE the paperweight CHANGE to a watertight CHANGE.

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