2023: We'll Hand Over Power to Nigerian Youths - Buhari

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, has said that whether the present generation of leaders like it or not, they will one day hand over the power of the country to them. 
He therefore called on youths to brace up for the huge duties that come with power. 
The president made it known that as long as the issue of nation building is key, no one should be taken for granted
President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday, January 10, called on Nigerian youths to get themselves ready to take on the mantle of leadership of the country.
Speaking to All Progressives Congress (APC) youth leaders from all regions of the country who paid him a visit at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, President Buhari said that the fact that youths will eventually rule Nigeria is inevitable even to the present generation of leaders.
The president said that this is an enormous responsibility which the youths must be very prepared for.
Making reference to the tragedy of the Nigeria-Biafra civil war that claimed the lives of many citizen, according to him, about 2 million, Buhari said that the nation has learned its lesson, adding that no one is unimportant as long as nation-building is concerned.
He said: “With all certainty, someday you will have to take up the mantle of leadership in this country, and you should be prepared for huge responsibilities.
“And you have to brace up for leadership. Some interest groups will come up with ethnic, religious issues, but you have to look at the broader picture."

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