The Unveiling Of The New 'Dan Masanin Wayo'

   By Jeremiah Ombugutsa 

On Saturday, 11th January, Wayo District in Wamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, attracted a mammoth of people from different walks of life as it turbaned its young and dynamic 'Dan Masani', Dr Solomon Timothy Anjide. 

Also honored were other illustrious sons and daughters of the district. They include Musa Wayo, Mabudin and Hajiya Asabe Ubangari as Magajiyan Wayo. 

The turbaning ceremony was colourful marked with scintillating dance and, sweet songs and rhythm of the great Rindre ethnic group of Nigeria.  

Top dignitaries who graced the event include former deputy governor of the state, Prof. Onje Gye-Wado, and former gubernatorial candidate,  Senator Yusuf Nagogo. 

Also in attendance were member of House of Reps, Abdulkarim Unman (Ombamas); Commissioner of Information, Dogo Shammah and chairman of the area,  Abubakar Abass among others. 

Wayo District is a cool countryside which is seven kilometres away from the heart of Wamba town. It is an agrarian and historic mining centre. Wayo district has great sons and daughters within and outside Nigeria. It is home to; General Iliya Abah, one of the earliest General in Nasarawa North; Mr. Timothy Anjide, a former and first Secretary to the State Government (SSG) of Nasarawa State from Wamba LGA and indeed the longest serving SSG of Nasarawa state. 

The district also has great female intellectuals such as Dr. Roseline Kela and Dr. Justina Anjiode Kotso. It has also produced great police officers including the revered Late Salihu Wayo of blessed memory. Wayo has also produced great agriculturalists such as Cyril Yakubu Bako and Christopher Anze. 

Meanwhile, the most captivating part of the ceremony was the turbaning of Dr. Solomon Timothy Anjide, grandson of the revered missionary and educationist, Late Pa Anthony Anjide (aka Teacher Anji) of blessed memory as the Dan Masanin Wayo. The unveiling of the young, humble and dynamic intellectual has attracted a bellowing voice of acceptance from both the old and young. 

Dr. Anjide was born in August 17, 1987, he attended the prestigious Barewa College Zaria, obtained a diploma in Computer Science (General Application) from the University of Jos in 2006 and, graduated from Nasarawa State University Keffi (NSUK) with B.Sc. Political Science in 2010. The young Dan masani obtained M.A. International Communication and Development from Swansea University United Kingdom in 2013. In his insatiable search for knowledge and love for academics, he obtained a Ph.D. in International Relations from University of Lincoln United Kingdom in 2018.

Aside his sound and colourful academic background, the young Dan Masani worked within and outside the shores of Nigeria. He was a classroom teacher in GSS Old Airport Road Minna, Niger State during his mandatory National Youth Service between 2011 and 2012. Dr. Anjide lectured in the Department of Political Science, Federal University Lafia in 2014. He also taught in the Department of Social and Political Science, University of Lincoln United Kingdom for one year where he taught modules on research and global conflict. He served as a Library Assistant with the SPS security United Kingdom for 3 years. The young intellectual is currently a fellow at the Savannah Centre for Democracy Diplomacy and Development (SCDDD) where he contributed to a number of Expert Group Papers and seminars.

As an erudite and enthusiastic scholar with research interest in terrorism, peace and conflict and, public policy, the young intellectual has published in several peer-reviewed papers and other media platforms. The young Dan Masani has presented papers in different countries such as UK, Republic of Ireland and Nigeria. He was interviewed by reputable media outlets including Voice of America. He has appeared as a panellist in a number of discussions and was invited to give talks in different events both in Nigeria and the UK. Dr. Anjide has travelled wide. He has travelled to over 28 states of Nigeria and six countries including; Ghana, Egypt, France, Turkey and Ethiopia and has lived in the United Kingdom for about five years.   

The young scholar experienced and enjoyed different backgrounds. He was raised in a catholic tradition to respect the ecumenical nature of Christianity. He was groomed by the Muslims and Hausas during his secondary school days. He was shaped by several ethnic groups during his undergraduate days. During his postgraduate days, he was polished and branded as a global compatriot by the; English, Finish, Americans, Irish, Dutch, Chinese and French, all of whom he enjoyed their love and compassion. This beautifully diverse background has moulded the young Dan masani into a liberal and jolly fellow and it made him a fantastic glue that stitches individuals across divides. No wonder, he happily prides himself as citizen of the world. Because of his deep love for humanity, the young Dan masani has engaged himself in several voluntary works and charity and, has remain a quite philanthropist. The young scholar is a true reflection of what William Wordsworth describes as the “happy warrior” who overcomes pains and struggles to affect others with generosity in spirit. This has been manifested through his show of love, empathy and goodwill towards others. Regardless of his humble and nature, his starling qualities and leadership impact is still felt in a number of associations and clubs such as Wamba Students’ Association, Rotaract Club of NSUK, District 9125, Foundation for Adequate Education, Barewa Old Boys Association (BOBA) 2004 set where he is recently nominated as Vice Chairman and host of other associations.     

I salute and congratulate you my friend, classmate and brother. May Almighty God bless you with more wisdom and foresight in serving your people and humanity in general. Much love to you brother.

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  1. I know Dan Masanin wayo very well in Barewa College. I was his senior.


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