Why Workers In Nasarawa Prioritize Promotions Above Minimum Wage

By Yusuf Iya
This question was threw to me by a civil servant in an occasion in the village and I deem it necessary to give a broader response so that it can provide answer to my brother who asked the question and the potential questioners.
Workers in Nasarawa State are patriotic, patient, committed, dedicated and law abiding.

Since July 2011, when the N18,000 minimum wage was implemented, workers at both state and local government service were stagnated (no promotions no increment, no conversion and no training). As if that was not enough, workers salaries at local government service were paid in percentages. There was also move to pay the state in % but God intervened. A lot of evils were done to the workers in the state eg. Sacking of over 2000 workers of Nasarawa Transport, sacking of over 270 workers employed by late Aliyu Akwe Doma, disengagement of over 7,000 local government staff, closure of Lafia Hotel and disengaging all staff, closure of Nasarawa News Day, liquidation of Nasarawa Investment Company. These are some of the evils associated with the previous minimum wage which was willingly implemented by the previous Administration through Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) claiming that there was no money to pay, even when we new that there was enough.

It is for the fear of the unknown and to obey the principle of First thing first that we prioritize promotion, conversion, increment and arrears before minimum wage. This should not be construed as neglecting the minimum wage. No! It is just to put issues into proper perspectives.

For the avoidance of doubt, His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi A Sule is going to inaugurate the committee on promotions and salary arrears tomorrow, Monday @ Govt House by 10:00am, which membership includes labour.

These and other reasons prompted us to prioritize promotions. 
Iya Is The State Chairman Of The Nigeria Labour Congress

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