ENGR. A.A SULE: The New Face of Nasarawa State

By Aliyu Safiyanu Yakubu (Wamba)

History is benevolent to all humans who chosen to be friends with her. She doesn't forget and does not lie. She truthful no matter how hard those who wish to rewrite it try. Every human being has a page in the book of history into which all they've done for themselves and humanity is recorded for the present and posterity. Those who do well are generously rewarded with glowing tributes while alive and even in the hereafter. History immortalises them.    Those who err in the eyes of history down as cowards and vallians unworthy of a memory except when vice is mentioned and discoursed.

Concerned Nassarawa citizens have observed with awe that in less than two years in office, Governor A. A Sule has transformed every facet of life in Nassarawa State from health care, security to judiciary  and human capital development. He has set a pace so intimidating that none can equal or surpass him in Nassarawa or elsewhere in Nigeria. He has put paid to the cries by other governors over shortfalls in federal account as an excuse for nonperformance. 

Governor A. A. Sule has transformed the judiciary in Nassarawa State and made it an envy to even the federal government. He has built befitting court complexes in the whole state and digitised the entire operations of the ministry of justice in the state. This is in addition to improved renumeration and welfare packages to all legal officers in the State. This in no way has enhanced the administration of justice in the state and by extension, the development of the state.

The passage of the anti kidnaping law into practice by the Nassarawa State Government is the first of its kind in the whole of the country. The rampant cases of kidnappings and other security challenges experienced all over the country have no place in Nassarawa State because the state government has done so much in mobilising and equipping security personnels to be on top of the situation always. This is yielding positive results as Nassarawa State has continued to attract and retain  billions I'm investment with the inception of Engr. Sule as governor.

The swift and proactive nature of the response of the Nassarawa State Government in the fight against covid-19 is a testimony to the positive results of the huge budgetary allocation to the health sector. Nassarawa State suffered the least casualties despite being a transit point and it's proximity to the Federal Capital Territory. Immunisation coverage in Nassarawa is almost 100% for all preventable killer diseases. These feats are indeed worthy of commendation.

Nassarawa State is an agricultural state and this is not lost on the governor. In less than two years in office, governor Sule has transformed the agricultural sector with his free distribution of fertilisers to farmers in the state and the provision of tractors and other implements needed to make the state the food basket of the world and not Nigeria alone. The state government has entered into partnerships with Dangote and Leventis Foundation for large scale agricultural projects that are next to none in the country

Education in  Nassarawa has been transferred in a way that has made Nassarawa State indignes proud of the man they enthusiastically voted into office. They're proud of a man who has chosen to give Nassarawa indigenes and other Nigerians studying in the state an opportunity to acquire the kind of world class education that he acquired outside the shores of the country. This is the height of generosity not common elsewhere. Schools are well equipped and teachers well motivated. This is more than what the indigenes bargained for.


The unassuming governor has worked the internal revenue generation of the state in a way that salaries can comfortably be  paid without waiting for revenue from the Federation account. This is another first in northern Nigeria and is worthy of commendation. 

As with multi cultural, Nassarawa State used to be in the news for all sorts of ethnic skirmishes and religious conflagrations but this has been permanently put to rest. The governor has united every ethnic and religious interest that seemed to compete and were always at loggerheads with each other in a single loving family. This has saved the state so much in terms of security votes which are now used for development projects. Everybody in Nassarawa State is happy because nobody is left out. The level of individual and corporate investments in the state by indigenes and non indigenes alike is a clear testimony to this.

There's no sphere of life in Nassarawa State that has not received this new face. The Nassarawa State has championed sports and youth development in a way that has put smiles on youths everywhere in the state. The state football team has recieved the boost it has never seen in ages. What else can one expect from his governor?

Nassarawa indigenes are excited and praying for a successful completion of this tenure and another four years as a reward for this good work.

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